Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Medicine Board

The Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Medicine (CDLM) Board was formed in August 2006, recognizing the emergence and importance of this new sub-specialty within general dermatology over the past two decades.

Skin disease has a heavy social penalty

Dermatology as a discipline has traditionally focused mainly on treating skin diseases, both common and rare. The quality of life (QOL) impact of skin diseases is well established. For example, patients with severe psoriasis, or scarring acne can have significant psycho-social impact with decreased job prospects and depression leading even to suicide. Our modern competitive culture emphasizes youthfulness and there is a subtle but real bias against anything other than a perfect complexion. This has contributed to the impaired QOL and dis-ease of persons whose skin is not on par with what is perceived as normal or desirable.

Medical technologies getting safer and better

Medical technology is progressing at leaps and bounds and is getting safer and more affordable. Many of the untreatable birthmarks of yesteryears can now be gratifyingly alleviated with cutaneous lasers. Indeed, skin lasers are the only acceptable and safe ways to treat many of these lesions including previously untreatable tattoos. Thankfully too, there are now modalities for the treatment of acne or traumatic scars which while not perfect, can lead to cosmetically acceptable results in professional hands.

Worldwide recognition of cosmetic dermatology as a sub-specialty

In embracing our duty to provide general as well as cosmetic dermatology services to patients, most if not all dermatology departments worldwide now actively train dermatologists to be proficient in this new sub-specialty, and cosmetic dermatology is now part of most dermatology residents training curricula.

Dangers of non-evidence based aesthetic medicine

However, with the explosion of demand for cosmetic dermatology and surgery, there has been an unfortunate surge in many dubious aesthetic treatment modalities. These tend to be mainly market-driven, with a lot of hype but very little science behind its claims. The Cosmetic Deramatology & Medicine Surgery (CDLM) Board was formed to address these issues.

Goals of the Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Medicine Board

The three-fold goals of the CDLM are:

  • To act as an advisory to the public and the Ministry of Health on issues relating to the practice and of cosmetic dermatology
  • To encourage quality care and proficiency in cosmetic dermatology and its practice by establishing training standards in cosmetic dermatology, laser and non-light based modalities.
  • To educate the public about the advances in evidence-based cosmetic dermatology and related procedures, and the hazards of unproven treatments especially with non-accredited non-medical practitioners.

Members of the CDLM Board (2016 - present)
  • Dr Ruban NathanChairperson
  • Dr Lim Shueh WeiVice Chairperson
  • Dr Agnes Heng Yoke HuiCommittee Member
  • Dato Dr Noor ZalmyCommittee Member
  • Dr Mohd Noh IdrisCommittee Member
  • Dr Gan Ain TianCommittee Member
  • Dr Ting Hoon Chin Committee Member
  • Dr Gangaram Hemandas Committee Member
  • Dr Henry Foong Boon Bee Committee Member
  • Dr Melinda Tong Committee Member
  • Dr Nazirin Ariffin Committee Member
  • Dr Norazirah Md Nor Committee Member
  • Dr Mazlin Mohd Baseri Committee Member
  • Dr Peter Ch'ng Committee Member
Members of the CDLM Board (2011 - 2016)
  • Dato Dr Noor Zalmy AzizanChairperson
  • Dr Gangaram HemandasVice Chairperson
  • Dr Henry Foong Boon Bee Committee Member
  • Dr Najeeb SafdarCommittee Member
  • Dr Gan Ain TianCommittee Member
  • Dr Agnes Heng Yoke HuiCommittee Member
  • Dr Ting Hoon Chin Committee Member
  • Dr Ruban Nathan Committee Member
  • Dato Dr SK Ratti Committee Member
  • Dr Tang Jyh JongCommittee Member
Members of the CDLM Board (2006 - 2011)
  • Dr. Gangaram HemandasChairperson
  • Dr.Koh Chuan KengSecretary
  • Dr. Yee Kim Chye Committee Member
  • Dr. Ting Hoon ChinCommittee Member
  • Dr Gan Ain TianCommittee Member
  • Dr. Ruban NathanCommittee Member
  • Dr. Noor ZalmyCommittee Member
  • Dr. Melinda TongCommittee Member
  • Dr.Henry Foong Boon Bee Committee Member
  • Dr. Lim Huat BeeCommittee Member
  • Dato Dr. S.K. RattiCommittee Member
  • Dr. Choon Siew EngCommittee Member
  • Dr. M. PubalanCommittee Member
  • Dr. Najeeb M.SafdarCommittee Member
  • Dr. Mardziah AliasCommittee Member
  • Dr. Sabeera BegumCommittee Member
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