Malaysian Psoriasis Registry

About MPR

The main reason for setting up a psoriasis registry is to have more accurate data on the various aspects of psoriasis in Malaysia. This would help in assessing the true magnitude of the problem in Malaysia. The MPR is a prospective, multi-centre, cohort study essential to the planning, implementation and evaluation of clinical and health services as well as research in psoriasis.

General Objective
To establish a nationwide systematic prospective collection of data pertaining to psoriasis and related dermatological services, in order to study the natural history, outcome and quality of life issues, as well as the effectiveness, safety and accessibility of various treatment modalities.
Specific Objectives
1. Determine the socio-demographic profile of patients with psoriasis
2. Determine the burden of psoriasis in the population
3. Describe the natural history of psoriasis
4. Identify the potential causal and risk factors for psoriasis
5. Describe the clinical manifestation of psoriasis
6. Describe the effect of psoriasis on the quality of life
7. Determine the efficacy and cost effectiveness of treatment of psoriasis
8. Monitor the safety and adverse effects of products and services used in the treatment of psoriasis
9. Evaluate accessibility and quality of health services related to psoriasis
10. Stimulate and facilitate basic, clinical and epidemiological research on psoriasis
Scope of MPR
The MPR is intended to be a truly national population-based disease and treatment registry. Hence it seeks the participation of all providers of dermatological services in both the public and private sectors in Malaysia.
The MPR collects
1. Demographic data
2. Clinical data including patients' history and clinical examination findings
3. Quality of life measure i.e. Dermatology Life Quality Index (DLQI)
4. Modalities of treatment used
Outcomes of interest include
1. Course of the disease
2. How the disease affects quality of life
3. Disease improvement with treatment
4. Association with any other diseases
Inclusion criteria:
1. All patients who are clinically diagnosed to have psoriasis by a registered dermatologist or by a medical practitioner under the supervision of a dermatologist are included.
2. Confirmation of diagnosis by histopathologic examination is optional.
Exclusion criteria:
1. Patients whose diagnosis is in doubt are excluded.